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Dmitry Kuptsov

One of the biggest players in the jazz-manouche* scene in Russia, Kuptsov has been working on this unique direction for more than 15 years. Since then he has been delving into this music style and its nuances with all the meticulousness and precision anybody can possibly imagine. 

Today Dmitry represents his own view on gypsy jazz with all
its brightness.

The summer of 2017 he released his first album "The Suncatcher", which had been recorded in cooperation with his French colleagues. It took place at the famous LDC studio in Paris. The album consists not only of various arrangements of well-known manouche pieces, but also a few composed by Dmitry himself. 

Kuptsov is well known abroad where he performs in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and other European countries, where jazz-manouche* has an appreciative audience.
He participates in various big music festivals, including the oldest Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois-sur-Seine (France).

Dmitry Kuptsov has launched various international festivals such as "Tsaritsyno. Gypsy Jazz", "Gypsysphera" and " fest"

"Dmitry's music is what we call fluency and virtuosity."



Dmitry Kuptsov Band

An instrumental quartet playing jazz-manouche*, known for its energy but at the same time being bright and emotive. As a band they know how to create the proper mood and ambiance. The band consists of two guitarists, a clarinetist and a double bassist. As a group they offer an unusual view on this virtuous style of music.

The Band:

Dmitry Kuptsov - solo-guitar

Vladislav Denisov - clarinet

Pavel Ershov - rhythm-guitar

Mark Gaidar - double bass

*the most French influenced among jazz trends, originated in Paris in the 1930s

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